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Sola Cookware


  • Long history in developing, producing, and supplying cutlery
  • Founded in 1868, still fully private-owned company
  • Brand name very well recognised in Europe & Asia
  • Fully committed staff with extensive knowledge
  • Great expertise in stainless steel and silver plated cutlery production
  • Very experienced in worldwide logistics
  • Many high class clients internationally
  • South Africa Branch opened 2009


  • Products are fully guaranteed against production and/or material failures
  • Internationally recognised and well appreciated range of designs
  • Full range of articles available in each design
  • Sophisticated designs
  • Frequent development of new designs


  • Deliveries from stocks which are kept in different parts of the world
  • Use of high quality stainless steel & other materials from Korea, Japan and Australia
  • Production and output is controlled by our Sola BV. staff and management
  • Benefit from very competitive pricing for high quality product
  • An extensive quality control program guarantees the excellent quality and finish of our cutlery & cookware products

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Purchase Sola Cookware, Nook Wine Racks, household and lighting items. Should you have any further queries email us at info@hotelpro.co.za